Island House Press

Island House Press is based in Toronto, Canada. Its co-owners, Terrance Quinn (PhD, MSc, BSc) and John Benton (MA, B.Ed, BA) have introduced a new kind of journalism to its publications – a fusion of journalistic and scholarly writing that not only appeals to a wide audience without implying simplification, but also encourages scholars at all levels to work gradually toward the distant goal of “reading on the level of the times.” These publications envision a time when ecologies are cared for, and when economies, cultures and education promote leisure and human creativity with fresh solutions to concrete problems. Its most recent titles, Journeyism: A Handbook for Future Academics (2022) and Economics Actually: Today and Tomorrow. Sustainable and Inclusive (2019) each introduce a new standard model for the academy and the economy, respectively.


Journeyism: A Handbook for Future Academics

With many seemingly hopeless and discouraging challenges during these times, Journeyism reaches out with optimism and encouragement. This book reveals how academic institutions can create sustainable conditions for human dignity for everyone in the long-term. How can something so remote as sustainable conditions for human dignity be possible? There exists a concrete way in which academic communities worldwide can collaborate effectively with each other to meet all manner of practical and cultural needs in every neighbourhood, town, and city.

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