Our Mission

We seek to promote understanding of Bernard Lonergan’s three major achievements in “generalized empirical method,” “functional specialization,” and the science of economics.
We practice a new kind of journalism, a fusion of journalistic and scholarly writing that not only appeals to a wide audience without implying simplification, but also encourages scholars at all levels to work gradually toward the distant goal of “reading on the level of the times.
We seek to contribute positively to humanity’s struggle toward reaching a time when ecologies are cared for, when economies, cultures and education promote leisure and human creativity.
We publish works that offer or promote fresh solutions to concrete problems.
We publish works that invite readers to engage in a balanced focus on themselves as “knowers” and “decision-makers,” and on the subject matter, as well as its relevance to global collaboration.
We publish works that will be helpful to students and early career scholars.
We also publish scholarly books, monographs and essays.